September 2023


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Recent Cost Reduction Win

Recent cost reduction win numbers


At Unistar Purchasing Solutions, we’re excited to share another remarkable achievement with our valued partners. 🌟

Our dedicated team recently collaborated with a Senior Life Care Services company to implement a game-changing cost reduction strategy. Through a meticulous analysis of their procurement processes, we identified opportunities for optimization that have yielded outstanding results.

📈 The Numbers Speak for Themselves:

🔹 A 21% overall decrease in operational costs.
🔹 A 30% decrease in Business Machines Expenses.
🔹 A 26% decrease in Commercial Printing Services Expenses.
🔹 A 21% decrease in Janitorial Paper Products & Cleaning Supplies Expenses.
🔹 A 14% decrease in Managed IT, Infrastructure & Cyber Security Expenses.
🔹 A 18% decrease in Pest Management Services Expenses.
🔹 A 28% decrease in Telecommunication Services Expenses.
🔹 A 27% decrease in Uniforms, Mats & Linens Expenses.

This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering tangible results and value to our clients. We take pride in not only meeting but exceeding expectations when it comes to cost efficiency, process optimization, and strategic sourcing.

🙌 Kudos to Our Team:

None of this would have been possible without the dedication, expertise, and hard work of our exceptional team. Their commitment to delivering results is what sets us apart.

📢 Ready for Your Cost Reduction Journey?

If you’re looking to achieve similar results in your organization, we’re here to help! Let’s connect and explore how our Procurement as a Service solutions can make a difference for your business. Together, we can unlock cost-saving opportunities and drive success.

Supplier Spotlight: Office 360° – Your Trusted Office Supplies Partner


Office360º is more than just an office supplies company; they’re a dedicated partner in enhancing your business operations. With an extensive product catalog and a seamless procurement system, they go above and beyond to meet your needs efficiently.

About Office360º:

Founded in the 1960s as Atlas Office Supply, Office360º has grown to become one of the largest and fastest-growing independently owned office product companies in the United States. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, they strategically position warehouses across the continental U.S. Their commitment to excellence has earned them recognition as one of the “25 Fastest Growing Companies” by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The Full Circle Process:

– Expansive product selection

– Easy online ordering

– Expert customer service

– Free next day delivery

– Interior design

– Space planning

– Installation

Deep History:

Rooted in a legacy of excellence, the Nahmias brothers, Steve, Scott, and Lenny, played pivotal roles in the exceptional growth and success of Atlas Office Supply in the 80s and 90s. In October 2008, they launched Office360º, reflecting an expanded range of products and services.

Their Expert Team:

They’ve assembled an All-Star team of office products professionals with extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales, IT, Operations, and Delivery. Collectively, their team boasts hundreds of years of expertise in meeting the diverse business needs of clients.

Partners in Giving with Office360º:

Office360º believes in making every office supply purchase count. Through their “Partners in Giving” program, they’re transforming transactions into meaningful contributions to local communities. As a participant, you can direct 5% of your purchases to a charity of your choice. Since January 2021, they’ve contributed over $695,296 to various charitable organizations.

Their Supported Charities:

– American Cancer Society

– Damar Services

– Teachers Treasures

– City of Hope

– Finish Line Youth Foundation

– Caroline Symmes Endowment

– Wheeler Mission

– Juvenile Research Foundation

With Office360º, your office supplies go beyond just the essentials – they become a force for positive change in your community. Join Unistar and our collaboration with Office360º’s mission to make every purchase count.

Industry Trends


1. Technology Use

The integration of technology into procurement practices has seen a steady incline over the past few years, and this upward trajectory is anticipated to persist into 2023. Procurement teams will further lean on sophisticated software and automation solutions to optimize their operations, encompassing e-sourcing, e-procurement, and contract management.

2. Social Responsibility

In 2023, with the global environment on the mend, there’s a heightened focus on preventing future economic downturns and promoting resilient recoveries. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is emerging as a pivotal area, revealing that businesses must do more for the environment, their employees, and the communities they serve. Adapting to these evolving expectations will lead to a more robust and equitable reputation, while resistance to change may result in diminishing favorability. Embracing CSR throughout the supply chain calls for a commitment beyond profit, aiming for a fairer world. This year’s challenges have spotlighted existing vulnerabilities and emphasized the need for agility and foresight. Procurement is set to undergo a transformative shift, and businesses that plan and adapt effectively can seize opportunities in this evolving landscape.

3. Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity poses an immense and growing risk. In 2021, cyber attacks on supply chains surged by a staggering 430%, according to a report by reinsurer SCOR. A PwC survey in 2022 revealed that 60% of businesses acknowledge a lack of complete visibility into their supply chain’s cybersecurity risks. This acknowledged gap demands immediate attention. Embedding cybersecurity into all facets of supply chain management will emerge as a pivotal force in reinvigorating procurement processes in 2023, as the consequences of inaction, seen in events like SolarWinds and Mimecast, remain vivid.

Did You Know?

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