Business Categories Where We Can Help Reduce Your Cost Of Doing Business

printing cost reduction

Commercial Printing Services

All companies utilize a form of printing in their offices. Unistar partners with exceptional printing companies that offer a variety of small to large scale printing solutions. Whether you need small batch printing, or you want an online ordering capability, we have you covered.

work wear cost reduction services

Uniform & Workwear Services

Unistar understands that what your Team members wear to work has to be clean, consistent, professional, and affordable.  Uniform costs always seem to be going up and we can help cut that down tremendously. Unistar will do the dirty work when it comes to your linens, we review your past invoices and costs and turn that data into mass savings.

commercial signs cost reduction

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Does your business have a strong marketing message that needs to be displayed prominently? Unistar’s cost reduction services make sure your business is seen at large or small levels by providing you with commercial signage produced by top rated manufacturers, at below market rates.

promotional products cost reductions

Custom Promotional Products

Did you know the average consumer has to see your brand 7 times before they will purchase anything from your company?  Unistar does and we help our customers stretch their Promo-dollars as far and efficiently as possible.  By specializing in cost reduction, Unistar can help you take your brand and promote it using the most cost effective method for buying promotional items. Our partners give your company the quality of promotional items they require, at a fraction of the cost.

janitorial cost reduction services

Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

Are your cleaning supplies getting more expensive every time you go to order them? Just by picking up the phone, you can be on your way to lower costs on all your janitorial supplies. You can significantly reduce your spend in this area just by giving us a call!

PPE, First Aid & Safety Supplies

All companies require PPE, first aid & safety supplies to keep their employees & visitors safe.  Whether it’s a simple First Aid cabinet or a fully engaged First Aid & Safety program, we are here to help.  We can help cover all your needs from ANSI compliant kits and cabinets to bandages, ointments, sprays, burns and personal comfort tablets.

managed print cost reduction

Managed Print Services

Office Printing does not have to be expensive. We offer printer management and replacement services for a fraction of the cost that your suppliers are giving it to you for. Toner, parts, and services at the lowest prices.

solid waste cost reduction services

Solid Waste & Recycling Services

Most every company or organization requires solid waste services and most like to be good to the environment by recycling as much as possible.  While this may seem simple and direct – it can be very complex and very expensive.  Unistar has a vast array of experience in everyrtying from commercial and industrial waste to single stream recycling.  Its all about reliability and its all about service – we know that.  But way spend more than you have to?  Let our cost reduction experts show you how easy it is to spend 30 to 40% less in this area!

reduce office supplies cost

Office Supplies

Office supplies are simple by nature and may seem cheap at the time. Yet common office products that you use every day drain your wallet. We get you the supplies you use every day for the most effective prices.

telecommunication cost reduction services

Phone & Internet Providers

In our fast paced, rapidly growing technological world most companies have to spend a fortune to keep their day to day business communications moving smoothly. Most organizations just want everything to work before they begin worrying about cost reduction. Unistar has mastered both of these by partnering with local, reliable telecom consultants who can save you money while ensuring you remain completely satisfied with top rated providers.