How Unistar’s Business Cost Reduction Process Works

It’s simple. Reducing your overhead expenses means keeping more of your profits. Expenses like office supplies, commercial print, janitorial supplies, telecommunications, and others are typically spread across several individuals and departments. One of the easiest ways to save money is to centralize these purchases to achieve maximum value for your dollar. This streamlined approach shows immediate and long lasting hard-dollar savings, while maintaining your standards for quality, service, and delivery.

Greater Volume Means Greater Profit

We represent the volume of many companies so we get deeper discounts and greater customer attention from our suppliers that most companies cannot get on their own.

Experience = Effectiveness

Due to our years of focus on common overhead products and services, we can share expertise in processes and practices to enable our customers to buy more effectively.


Step 1: Collect Information

We start by collecting information about what products/services you are currently buying and document what it is costing you.

Step 2: Analyze Data

We evaluate your current purchasing needs and then compare it to our contract pricing for the exact same items.

Step 3: Savings Analysis

We deliver to you a line item cost analysis of your current spend to show you exactly what you bought, what it cost, and what you could have saved through our supplier contracts.

Step 4: Implementation

If we exceed our 10% Minimum Savings Guarantee* we begin implementing our solutions to ensure effective integration of our supplier contracts. You start saving money almost immediately. If we don’t exceed our 10% Minimum Savings Guarantee* you can sit back and rest assured that you are already getting the best pricing available and you owe us nothing.

Step 5: Monitoring & Adjusting

Unistar’s suppliers submit sales reports so we can provide ongoing monitoring of implemented areas to ensure maximum effectiveness of Unistar Program.  We also look for additional opportunities to make a positive impact (cost savings) on our suppliers spend & bottom-line.