One Call Could Save You A Fortune. See How Unistar Helps Reduce The Cost Of Doing Business

Our Suppliers

Since we began our business in 1997, we have worked with thousands of purchasers and hundreds of suppliers across a broad spectrum of industries. Our customers come from all over the business world from multi-location law firms and financial institutions to single-location manufacturers and non-profits.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how we can improve our customers’ bottom-line while delivering value to the supply chain in the process. This win-win scenario is exactly what we deliver, enabling us to be so successful in what we do.

Have you ever wondered if your company is spending too much time and money on common overhead expenses? We can provide a rock-solid solution to your doorstep that will save you time, save you money, and allow your employees to focus on the higher priority tasks of their jobs.

Our message is short, our business model is unique, and our deliverable is unmatched! We save you time and money – two things everyone wants more of!  Call today and find out what we can do for you!

What Can Unistar Do For You?

Trust From Our Clients

“What else is there to say about Unistar other than “wow!”? Their sharp and experienced staff listened to our needs, looked at what we were doing, and went right to work for us. Not only did they deliver significant cost savings to a non-profit organization where every dollar is put to good use, but they also helped us organize and be deliberate about our purchasing functions. Their insight, professionalism, and results will be welcomed here for many years to come.”

“A great customer experience! The flexibility, speed of response, and desire to service the customer is evident throughout the entire company. From the very beginning they told us what to expect and they have delivered nothing short of 100% satisfaction. Bringing in Unistar as an outsourced service partner has definitely helped us save a lot of money, which I really appreciate as CFO!”

“Working with Unistar had not only helped us lower our expenses, but they have also allowed our people to focus more time and attention on higher priority tasks associated with our core mission. Unistar did exactly what they said they would do-save us time…save us money…and they do most of the work!”

“Unistar has been our purchasing partner of choice for many years. While we have significant internal expertise in these areas, we will continue to look to Unistar to deliver the added value and experience we have come to expect from our outsourced service providers. If you are looking for a long-term partner to take care of your purchasing needs, look no further than Unistar. They really do deliver a total Purchasing Solution!”